Tile Guarantee

Tile Guarantee 

Our vision is to provide excellent quality tiles at great prices. To do this we travel the world, to source the best in quality and design. When we find a tile we love, we work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that the tile is tested thoroughly for quality, performance, durability, and conformity to Australian standards. 

All tiles are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and to remain an integral part of the flooring system for a period of ten years from the date of purchase. This warranty applies to domestic use only.  

The benefits conferred by this guarantee are in addition to, and not in substitution for, any other rights and remedies given to consumers in relation to goods under the Trade Practices Act (and similar State and Territory Laws) and are subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. The tiles must be fixed in accordance with the relevant manufacturer’s instructions and/or AS3958, 1-1991 “Guide to the Installation of Ceramic Tiles”. This guarantee does not cover any failure of the tiling system where the application of any of the substrate materials, fixatives or the fixing of the tiles is not carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and/or AS3958, 1-1991 “Guide to the Installation of Ceramic Tiles”. Furthermore, this guarantee will not cover situations where it cannot be satisfactorily demonstrated that substrate materials and fixatives are fit for purpose.
  2. We advise customers to purchase 15% over what is required to cover the area, to allow for off cuts, and tiles which are damaged during and after installation. We recommend keeping at least 3% after the job is complete to allow for any breakages which could occur over time.  2 Degrees does not guarantee the availability of replacement tiles of the same colour or pattern after the time of purchase.
  3. Once the tiles have been laid, liability will not be accepted for colour matching or blending or for the replacement of tiles with obvious faults. Tiles with obvious manufacturing defects should not be laid. 2 Degrees will replace such tiles subject to availability. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the tiles delivered are suitable for the project prior to installation, in all aspects; including but not limited to colour match, damaged tiles, sufficient quantity, fit for purpose.
  4. All ceramic and porcelain tiles can be slippery when wet. Liability will not be accepted for accidents due to inappropriate tile selection, maintenance or carelessness.
  5. Regular cleaning and maintenance must be strictly adhered to, otherwise this guarantee may be voided.
  6. If a purchaser makes a claim under this guarantee, 2 Degrees may, in its sole discretion, offer to either replace the goods, supply equivalent goods or refund the whole or part of the purchase as appropriate. 

This guarantee is current from 1 March 2017.