About us

Too many fingers in the pie!  
There are too many unnecessary and expensive middlemen involved in the process of getting building products into Australia. We cut all of these guys out to deliver quality products at unbelievable prices.  We also supply warehouse direct so there's no expensive showrooms and no commission paid sales people.  

 2degrees - cutting out the middlemen

How do we do it?
We spend up to 3 months a year in China, visiting factories, establishing relationships and making sure we're getting straight to the source. 

Is it all about price?
Absolutely not.  We are all about providing a quality product at a great price so we go to great lengths to ensure everything we provide is built to last.  We visit all the factories to see how they are made, and what the manufacturing process and environment is like. 

Curious if it could work for you? 
Why not come in and see?  You can decide for yourself on the quality of the products and we can tell you what sets ours apart from the masses.

Give us a call or drop us a message and let us know when you want to come by and we'll make sure there's someone here to open up for you.